Is solar worth the investment?  You bet it is!

Save your electricity bill costs

A solar power system generates electricity for your building from a renewable energy source, the sun, which is free for you. A Solar System’s electricity production generally coincides with peak demand (and highest prices) on the wholesale electricity market. A Solar System can directly reduce that charge. ( To see a real case bill saving amount click hereYou also will be protected from increased energy costs, and allowing you to plan your business budge more effectively.

Return on investment

As your businesses operate during daylight hours, there’s a good chance you’ll use 100% of the energy produced by your own solar power system, which will able to reduce your power bills substantially and pay for itself in around 2-5 years.

Environmental benefits

As you are generating clean green energy on-site rather than via fossil fuels generated many kilometers away, you are preventing the release of many tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year. The solar power systems last decades so the benefits are long-lasting.

Enhance your brand

Using renewable energy by installing a solar power system is a great statement as to your business's commitment to sustainability, to enhance your business's competitive advantage, and can be promoted to staff and customers alike. 

Robust technology

Solar panel technology is now highly reliable with minimum service requirement and continues to produce energy for decades. Warranties for solar panels are around 25 years and inverters are 10 years. Commercial solar power systems paying for themselves in under 5 years, the system will provide many years of net return.

Systems have never been more affordable

With the prices for solar panels and other components continually falling and Australian companies becoming much more efficient at installing larger systems, system prices have never been lower which means that your system will provide excellent returns on investment and low payback periods

Generous rebates available

For systems under 100kW, you’ll be eligible to receive an upfront rebate in the form of Small Technology Certificates (STCs). For systems over 100kW, you'll receive Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) which pay you each year for the energy the system produces. Either way, the incentives are substantial