Positive cash flow from day one

- $0 Upfront

– Immediate savings on your electricity bills

– Repayments may be fully deductible

A major reason why many businesses don’t install energy-saving equipment on their premises is due to the large upfront cost of the solutions themselves.

So we’ve teamed up with industry specialist, Solar Financial Solutions, to provide our customers with a financing plan that lets you install a range of energy saving solutions without a large upfront payment while letting you enjoy an immediately lower electricity bill.

Once installed, your lower energy bill plus the lease payments can, in most cases, be less than your old electricity bill. It will provide positive cash flow from day one, leaving no exposure. This low-risk, high-reward loans are available to a range of public and private business organizations and provide additional benefits such as:

  • Tax deductions;
  • Depreciation;
  • Off & On Balance Sheet finance options;
  • Immediate positive cash flow.


Option 1 – commercial solar Loan


  • Low doc loan options covering 100% of capital cost
  • Available in operating lease (similar to a hire purchase) and chattel mortgage structure
  • Available with 1 – 7-year terms
  • Interest rates vary from 6.0%  

Option 2 – Power Purchase Agreement

        Solar Power Purchase Agreement

  • No upfront capital cost
  • 100%-guaranteed immediate reduction in electricity bills
  • System owned and maintained by the finance company
  • Solar power sold to customer at a cheaper rate instead of grid power from the power company
  • System transferable to new owners